07968302757 lily@YoungLilies.com

I am a

*Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist 

* CNHC registered Hypnotherapist

* EFT practitioner

I have a wide range of experience working with clients from all walks of life over the past 30 years from phobia, anxiety, weight management to depression. I have helped clients to create harmony in families, rekindle relationships, boost motivation, unleash their true-self and find life’s purpose.

However, I am specialised working with children and families especially dealing with young children under the age of 5 who has challenging behaviours, eating and/or sleep disorder. 

I speak English and Mandarine Chinese.

Simply email Lil@YoungLilies.com

to schedule your 30 minutes free, non-obligatory consultation.

Other Information:

Being a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, I am particularly passionate about improving people’s mental wellbeing. I set up Young Lilies CIC that helps young people between the ages of 18-25 access therapy and life coaching service free of charge. Simply register on www.Young-Lilies.org.uk and Ask the Life Coach http://young-lilies.org.uk/logged-in.php#inline or Email info@Young-Lilies.org.uk


Simply email lily@YoungLilies.com

to schedule your 30 minutes non-obligatory consultation.

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