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Do you think that your genes are responsible for your health, characters, your emotions and behaviour? You may want to think again after reading my blog – What actually controls your life?

There has always been a long debate about whether Nature over Nurture or Nurture over Nature. I used to belief the former. However, following my intensive personal development training in the past 5 years, I have a new insight that I want to share with you.

What makes each individual unique? What makes us different from chimps?  What the new age scientists have discovered might shock you. While the genetic difference between individual humans today is minuscule – about 0.1%, on average – study of the same aspects of the chimpanzee genome indicates a difference of about 1.2%.

So we should all be Steve Jobs or Bill Gate.  You know the answer, right? No, obviously. Why not? What makes the actual difference if it’s not our genes? What influence our genetic expressions? What turns our genes on and off?

New age scientists Dr. Bruce Lipton states that “cell’s life is fundamentally controlled by the physical and energetic environment with only a small contribution by its genes (less than 2% of all diseases).”

In conclusion, genes are by no means the brain of the cell that makes up you. It doesn’t control you.  Instead the environment controls your genetic expression, your health, your characters and your life.

Don’t believe it? I don’t blame you because this is not what you have been told in school.

This is how it works. A human is made of about 100, 000 different proteins.  How is protein made? The DNA code is transcribed into messenger RNA and then translated into a protein with a specific sequence of amino acid.

Proteins are linear chains comprised of amino acid molecules. Each of the 20 different amino acids has a unique shape, now you can imagine a different combination and sequence of these amino acids chain together to form a unique protein structure – that serves a particular function in the body.

The Genome Project back in 1990 was anticipating of the discovery over 100, 000 genes to explain the complexity of human bodily activities. But, to their surprise, they only discovered 22,300 protein-coding genes in the human body.  If the genes controlled who we are and what we do, then human would be little different from a fruit fly because it only has 1000 genes less than us human.

So what makes the difference by being a human if it’s not our genes? Dr. Lipton explains that the genes are only our blueprints.  It gets copied when the old part needs to be replaced. But it doesn’t control what to copy or when to reproduce.  A gene will only be activated or be deactivated upon the receipt of an environmental signal.

Among all the environmental signals, thought is a significant environmental signal and carries energy that directly controls your life. Are you thinking the thought that facilitate your growth on your human journey? Or are you one of those who say, “I can’t help thinking about that – something negative or getting stressed or worries about something?

I can help you to reprogram your brain with new beliefs that help you achieve what you do want in life, such as good health, a great relationship, a dream job and more.

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